Prominent moles or troublesome cysts can be removed with a short procedure to improve contour and appearance. If required, the areas removed can then be sent for histological confirmation to get an exact diagnosis.

– General or local anaesthetic lasting 1 hour, Day-case procedure

Ear reshaping or Otoplasty is a procedure used to improve the appearance of ears that stick out too far. It can be performed on children usually from the age of six and can be both or just one ear that is affected. The problem usually results from a loss of one of the natural folds of the ear and/or too much projection or size of the conchal bowl (middle part of the ear).

These problems can be addressed by using stitches placed on the back of the ear in the cartilage to bring the ears closer to the side of the head.

– General or Local anaesthetic lasting 1-2 hours, Day-case

An increase in breast tissue in boys is very common during the teenage years, but in most this does resolve with time. If the enlargement persists, this can cause considerable social embarrassment and loss of self-esteem. Once any potentially correctable causes have been excluded, then surgical correction is a recognised treatment option. Male breast reduction surgery aims to remove this excess breast tissue to restore a flatter more defined profile and can be combined with a reduction in the size of the areolar if required.

– General anaesthetic lasting 2-3 hours, 1 night stay

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